The name "Knapp" has been associated with restaurants in Oakland County for over half a century. During the 1930's Red Knapp started a restaurant in Rochester, providing simple food to local patrons. This successful restaurant was sold in the late 1940's. In 1950 Red opened Red Knapp's Dairy Bar, which was truly a family affair. Red, his wife, Cecilia, and their two sons worked many hours to create a successful business. Still with much of the same decor, the Dairy Bar is presently owned and operated by Red's son Gerald and his son Miles Knapp. In the early 1970's Red's son, Roger, developed Cooper's Arms, a Rochester fine dining restaurant that was highly respected in the Metropolitan area throughout its 20-year existence. In 1996 Roger and his son, Brett Knapp, built and opened Red Knapp's American Grill in Oxford. This restaurant quickly became a local favorite and continues to be successful under the sole ownership of Brett Knapp.